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Helping you attain a happier, healthier lifestyle!

  •  Dissatisfied with your current health?
  •  Struggling with allergies?
  •  Tortured by persistent headaches?
  •  Crippled by lower back pain / sciatica?
  •  Confused by taking so many medications?
  •  Concerned about your child's frequent colds & earaches?
  •  Scared of dangerous surgeries for carpel tunnel or spinal discs?
  •  Tired of being lethargic?
  •  Frazzled with missing too much work do to colds?
  •  Annoyed by an inability to do the hobbies you love?
  •  Angry with a high rate of employee absenteeism & workman's compensation claims?
  •  Hampered by lingering auto injuries?

Our practice puts an emphasis on treating the following:

  • Automobile Whiplash injuries
  • Workman's Comp. Cases
  • Sports Related Injuries
  • Medicare patients
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Chronic Pain
  • Children
  • Pregnant Mothers 
  • Wellness Care     

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About Us

Lionville Chiropractic maintains a fully equipped office and is able to provide licensed massage therapy, muscle stimulation, rehabilitation and exercise therapies, paraffin baths, traction therapy and more!

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